Feedback on Logo

Hello everybody! I have just finished a logo for @ModeDevampire I hope you guys like it & tell me what you think

Thank you for viewing this topic! Have a great day! :smiley:


I think the text wavy black thing would be better color nice work love it!


It’s nice but imho it feels a bit cluttered. The icons take away from the colors meshing together and the purple background doesn’t really add much


I really like the visual style as a whole, the symmetry of the icons is a nice touch too. The only thing I would change is either the black wave, or the black background. Having both kinda detracts from the wave and doesn’t make it really stand out.

Other than that though, it looks pretty good!

I like the wavy text, but the white outline makes it look cluttered on the middle. image

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I really like it actually but the colours don’t fit to good. Purple and black or black and white go well but black white purple and blue? Overall it all looks good I like the design and the theory as a whole, just get a proper colour palette.

I really like this logo, although my only suggestions is to add more colors to the text. The text could be more appealing if it had some colors like blues or greens. Great job! You are doing incredible!