Feedback on logos

hello, i recently made some logos for a game, each logo corresponds to an option.

how did they look?


I feel like you should create your own icons so they match a design style. For example, your house is a minimalistic, curvy, and all white style, while the shirt is some kind of realistic render, the paper scroll is a cartoony style, and the star is a cartoony style but with gradients applied. So essentially your design is all over the place and inconsistent…


Looks amazing! The only thing thats bad is the shirt icon beacuse its realistic. Probaly wont be noticed by players but still.

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To be honest I think you shouldn’t add any transparency it changes the look of the whole logo. For example, the shirt is barely visible and can mostly see the background.

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I love the last one! The streak design looks cool!

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Looks really good! The second one’s color scheme isn’t that appealing, but the others look nice. I get a Captain America or Captain Marvel vibe from the star one, it would look cool if the background was blue and red, but it is fine as it is.