FeedBack on Low-Poly Carrot (first blender model)

I started working with blender recently, and I made a low poly carrot with out any tutorials, (this is my first model):

Let me know your feedback
Thanks in Advance. EDIT: For some reason there was text on the screen shot that’s not the actual texture or any thing.


mmm i like it :smiley: , it would be better if you smoothed the carrot or gave it a texture, and maybe you would wanna remodel the leaves, they are too low poly, maybe you would want to make it a bit more realistic.

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My only problem with it is that I feel it should be a bit longer, it kinda looks like a stub like that :sweat_smile:, but for a first model I’d say it’s for sure better than what I’ve seen from others!

It’s not bad for low-poly, however, it does have a few cons. You could try improving the carrot greens. Maybe reducing the amount of polygons, or if you want your carrot to look smooth, try adding Shade Smooth to mask the edges.