Feedback on Low-Poly Island

Hi everyone,

I created a bunch of boring assets in Blender (scenery, trees, rocks) and then imported them to roblox. Any ideas on how to make them better?

I think they might be placed as a background to a small map in a group of islands.


The side with no trees would be away from the map.


Pixelated-style low-poly design is interesting, I suppose I’m not quite used to pixelated textures on low-poly models but for an island that would be in the background, it looks good. Would players need, want, or be able to access this island? From your descriptions, I’m getting at this being something in the background, away from the main area of your game. I like that the different trees are of different sizes, maybe there could also be some bushes or other species of plants if you want to make it even more interesting.


Thanks for the feedback, the players would not be able to access the island. I’ll add some bushes and grass to the sides.

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