Feedback on low poly tree

Hey, I’ve recently started to use blender to build, I’d like to get some feedback on my tree
Tell me about anything I could improve on (ex: colors, textures, general tree form etc…)


I think this would go in cool creations.

I’m new to this, my bad
thanks for letting me know

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I personally love this creation a lot. Keep up the good work.

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I’m assuming this is your first low poly tree made in a software I think there should be more leaves in many different sizes and shapes perhaps include some branches and other props to make it stand out in a kind of way.

As a general suggestion you could improve the leaves. Right now the tree looks rather cluttered, I just feel like the leaves look a little large, try spacing them out so they don’t have a weird appearance placed on it try to make the leaves not do similar nor identical, changing up things would improve the tree otherwise good attempt at making a cartoony tree with a modeling software.

Otherwise perhaps experiment into adding layers of colors to make it stand out, view refere

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This is really cool. I think the shape of the leaves is a little bit weird for some odd reason. I would also suggest making a split in the barky part of the tree to make it look more realistic. Maybe a more circular shape would help out a bit too.

Good tree, but maybe add more spheres for the leaves. Interesting color btw

Nice low poly tree looks cool for be your firsts times, Happy birthday!

Hey @DSDamn, happy anniversary! Anyway, your tree is quite good, I like it. But the leaves seem quite awkward to look at? You could change the leaves into a better mesh, you could use a tutorial if you’re new. Aside from that it looks great.

Side note: The leaves aren’t that bad, but if you plan on adding more tree’s, change the leaves, they’re quite awkward to look at in my opinion.

Hope this helped, thanks for reading, have an amazing rest of your day/night and again, happy anniversary!

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I knew the leaves weren’t the best, but I learned quite a bit from different sources. I’ll try to change the forms, experiment a bit and I hope it’ll be better!

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