Feedback on LowPoly Simulator Shop

Hello. I recently learned how to model in blender the past 2 days, and finally learned how to apply colors in blender. I just wanted some feedback on these models for my upcoming simulator. I’m trying to be an all around developer so I’m tryna learning everything. I already know scripting, and I’m trying to take on modeling/building. Any tips or feedback would be appreciated!



It looks nice, but you should probably increase the detail of level in windows and doors

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Maybe add neon behind the windows and doors? looks nice!

I love the color pallet that you’ve gone for and I have a few suggestions to help improve the shop’s detail!

⁝ Suggestions

• Reduce the thickness of the door frame.
• Add a window frame with the same thickness as the door frame.
• Add a few barrel size variants around the main barrels.
• Add a wall pillar and roof support frames.
• Add a wall trim with a darker / lighter color.
• Duplicate the shop and try different color pallets
• Duplicate the shop and try different styles
• Add cylinders as a representation of screws/nails

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For one of your first models, that looks pretty good!

The main thing I would change is the door/window. Right now, they kinda stick out and don’t look like they belong. Although it’s not that big of an issue, there are quite a few ways to counter this, and I would experiment with things like changing the rims/frames, maybe adding neon to the back, changing colors, etc.

here it is updated thanks for the feedback as well from everyone

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