Feedback on map wanted

A couple of months ago i decided to create a project, me and my friend later on left it sadly.
But i’m thinking of bringing it back up, so i’d love some feedback on what i could improve and what i have missed.


I would add some color correction like saturation and contrast and would mess with some lighting settings like exposure. maybe you should make a path from the front step to another location to make it seem like its connected to the environment. i would make the roof slightly larger and maybe have the deck have support for the roof if you know what i mean. depends on the style you do not have to do all of them but it would be interesting to see on how it would look on that part.

i would add more detail to the trees like maybe some of them can have vines coming down or some of them can have like a bird house and or hanged lamps with particles of like fireflies.

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I love the low poly designs. Maybe move the golden statue (on the second picture) to a different spot? It looks like it’s just in the way of the street.


I will try to add the things you recommended. Thank you!

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Nicely executed good job :+1:
Filled space very nice
love your build style

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  • Try not to have everything so packed, it may look a little too messy.
  • Try and adjust the environment ‘green’ colour use, make some parts darker than others.

Otherwise, great job! Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

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One thing I will always tell people when it comes to building is: use a moderate color pallet.

It’s clear that the main goal of this build isn’t to be particularly realistic, however if realism is thrown entirely out the window, especially when it comes to lighting and color, the integrity of the build is hard to keep up.

The color pallet is the easiest to address: while I like your variety of colors (albeit a little much on the green), there is a lot to be said about how bright the colors typically are. In most scenarios your whites could become darker greys, and your bright greens could be dimmed down. Now granted, this isn’t entirely deal breaking on a build, though if the goal is to have people playing this map for extended periods of time, be forgiving on their eyes!

When it comes to the topic of lighting, this is where things become a bit tricky, there is a decent balance between the color scheme in the lighting, but as mentioned before, it’s just too bright. It is very noticeable in the areas circled here:
This is more of a preference thing than anything else I suppose, however it is also a the main contributing factor as to why the build looks as strange as it does.

Now that’s enough critiquing, here’s what I like about the build:

Your low poly style is appealing to the eyes, and it’s struck a good balance between being appealing while also being inherently low poly.

Everything in the build is spaced out well which is one of the most important things you can see in a build. Whether or not this was done intentionally or just subconsciously through experience, it looks very good!

I hope both my critiques and my compliments help you make this build even more incredible than it currently is!


Personally, I like it. I would add some more… Plants, rocks, decor in general.

Everything else, looks quite good.

I’m glad you chose the Low-Poly building style for this build, for it makes it appealing to the eyes.

  • If you want this to look like a cartoon, you can probably find some Cartoon Lighting tutorials on YouTube. (you should probably look into changing the lighting)
  • The smoke coming out of the chimney is going sideways? (should be going up and out, despite the fact the actual chimney is turned sideways)

Hope this helps.

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In my opinion, I do kinda like it but the thing you need to put was to add a perfect spawn point to put a player so they can see the place when they enter. second, need a guide for the player. and the last one was to low the light to make it not too bright in the bright color background.
this is my only opinion to share with you today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Please, Don’t make a big mistake on your build.

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I really like this! Maybe move a few things blocking the doors? the rock in the first picture, golden statue in the second one. You could also try increasing the size of a couple of trees to add more coverage. Lastly, the smoke from that chimney looks like its going towards the side, not sure if it’s the angle, but it seems a bit weird, you should make it going straight up towards the sky.

Great job otherwise! :smiley:

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