Feedback on map

Made a low-poly styled map as practice. Is there anything I should change or add? I made everything except the texture on the lake.

It’s not meant to be anything big, just a simple simulator-styled map that took me around 20 minutes.



It’s pretty empty, the water texture looks a little bit weird but other than that, it looks nice, good job.

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to add, do you have any suggestions on that?

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You could add different types of trees, some objects like wooden logs and etc. Oh and lightning too.

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It’s very empty and square. If you want to make the map more interesting, I suggest changing it from a square and make the shape more natural, sense there’s no terrain in the real world that is perfectly square. Scramble up the mountains more and make their sizes more varied.

You should also add more trees and assets around the map, like rocks and flowers. You could even make a small bridge for the crossing the river.

Hope these suggestions help :grin:

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Thanks! I’ll be working on other projects, but I’ll make those things when I get the chance.

Great effort but…

Add more variation in the mountains, rotate, scale, colour change etc
Change the water, it looks horrible
You should probably add some more detail to the tree and maybe rotate the top
Mushrooms aren’t as big as trees, scale them wayy down

Yeah, it was kinda low-effort (but not completely). I’ll go back and make sure to make those changes later.