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Looking For Feedback

I’m Wondering if this a good map design as I may be using it in an upcoming game. Ill be Adding a Few Extra things Once I get the Basic Design Complete but I wanted to see if it was appealing to the eye first.


Forgot the Image lol


Looks like houses from the first episodes of family guy, it looks very strange to me. Could you also provide me with information about what the game is, what genre it’s based on, etc.


I plan on Making an RPG type game and use this as sort of a hub


It looks really good. You should add some trees and water maybe an island.


Really good build maybe add trees, bushes, clouds, river, streams, grass, and rocks. Also try to experiment with lighting and play around with terrain.

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1.i suggest adding some details to the buildings, that way it would make the game more interesting.
2. adding some decoration to the map won’t be bad because the map looks a bit simple.
3.Since you are making an RPG game, you might want to build an entrance to your next map.

Hope this helps :+1:

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Up close it would look better if you made the windows go in to the building, and the concrete go under the ground

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1-) You should adjust the colors better.
2-) I love lowpoly builds.
3-) don’t forget to put the trees :slight_smile:
4-) Roofs are very weird :thinking:
5-) Add some details for terrain.

Good Job!


Good work! I love how you’ve used a variety of colours in the buildings and you’ve tried to shape them differently. What I would change is maybe get that brown outline (seen on the roofs of buildings) to the sides of the buildings*.

*If you’re confused I’ll show you a screenshot of what I’d add:

(Try to add the brown outline to the line I put an arrow to)

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It’s very consistent, sort of OG Roblox style. I like that each building is unique. It seems to have a cartoony vibe to it, so if that’s what you’re going for, you’ve done great.

I would like to mention that perhaps add a mini docks, or a small park, or anything really that is interactive for the players. If it’s going to be a hub then it should be interactive somewhat. You know, sitting areas, maybe a restaurant or even an ice cream truck. Something to invigorate a “social” environment.

Overall I think you’ve done well. Good luck with your game!

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I can see your going for the ‘cartoony’ style, Like some old Roblox times. I like the black outline bits as well. Looks good for a simulator possibly.

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I like the style of the build, but the color scheme is far too expanded, and I can see that the windows aren’t aligned in few areas. Also, there’s far too many windows on the light purple building in the back. You could make some improvement, but nice job.

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It is a lobby or a full map on your game? If it is the full map, than I’ll rather say to make it larger than it is right now. If it is a lobby than it’s comepletely fine you just need to place some invisible walls at the edges.


Currently, to me, it looks lazy (my personal opinion).

  1. To me the path is much too elevated.

  2. The lamppost is too short, wide and blocky.

  3. The dock is just one piece when an actual dock is made of planks.

  4. If you could adopt a style similarly to Arcane Adventures’ Savaria, there might be some hope.