Feedback on map

Hello! I am new to building, so this is my first build. I used a plugin that can be found here.
Here is the footage of the game.

Again, this is my first build. Feedback is appreciated!

Things I also Used

I will update the game, so you can click the doors because ProximityPrompts are in beta.


Um, i can’t view the footage. You can use youtube to upload that video and just link it. It will embed.

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It looks way too simple to be a finished product. As a gameplay prototype it works, but there aren’t any details. Try adding more interesting shapes and colors. Maybe make a good looking lobby with a round system as well.

Also, the thing in the bottom right corner looks low quality and pixelated. “Wait before sending a emergency” doesn’t flow. I would say “Wait ____ seconds before calling an emergency.” Or better yet, make the icon gray and put a big white number over it that’s counting down. The player should know how long they have to wait. The less text you have the better.

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looks good, but the map is empty and few people will be interested in looking at empty rooms, revive the map, add something to make it seem that the map is not empty, everyone can put walls. I wish you luck. : D

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It’s a game prototype, for now, but I will create a round system where it will have an intermission.
Thank you for your feedback

I will add more things in rooms, so they are not empty and more lively.
Thank you for your feedback

Can you please add a link to the game instead of a video?

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