Feedback on mcdonalds

i was thinking about the bts meal

which photo is better?
and something is wrong with the burger, but im not sure… feedback i sappreciated


Seeds on the burger, also I love the low poly feel to this.

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Can i get one please. Like wow its looks really good and photo 2 is better than the first one. Good job it looks amazing :open_mouth:

Looks awesome! :star_struck: I really like the meshes.

It looks so good :drooling_face: I’m so hungry I could eat this even though it’s fake.

great you made me hungry i just ate 2 burgers : p

thanks! ill try that. the burger almost looks like a gummy to me, so i really want solutions to that

First photo is better.
You should smoothify the edges of the “M”'s.
You can put some kind of paper under the burger and stuff.

Oh my gosh. This looks so cool. I love the Nugget box and how it looks like the actual closing part. I tried the Cajun sauce and it didn’t taste good. :cry:

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I tried to eat my monitor. :hamburger: