Feedback on modded doomspire game

You can check out the game here link below,
Edifice Combat - Roblox (this is part 2 of my original post)
Here’s some screenshots of the game

What made you do this?
Well this is my attempt to mod an opensource(uncopylocked? what are the terms?) game and have been updating it for 10 months now since december last year and I thought I would like to bring it to public here on the forum to get a little attention from you and give some feedback :slight_smile:

Why are the colors of the doomspire different to the 3rd picture?
They are the negative color counterparts of the minimap, when a new round begins
an effect will lower the contrast and the colors will be back but not as expected

Thanks for reading and have a great day
You can rate here instead of commenting! Thanks again

  • Good game!
  • Ok game, Just need to be more original next time
  • Bad game, little to no difference to the original :confused:
  • I’ll answer more in the comments

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I think with this you can make your own game. Maybe don’t make a doomsphire game. Good job!

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It doesn’t even really look like space. It has the default skybox. You feel like you jump way too high.

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I went in the game and there is the default skybox.

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