Feedback On Modeled Head

Hey everyone, today I installed Blender.

I am using Blender 2.79, and I would like some feedback on this head shape:

Heya, I love to see new people always getting into blender. It is more important than what most people realize. Anyways, I may not be an expert with blender, but the shape seems a bit funny. If you are going for a really simple/low-poly vibe, that’d be good as long as you fix the top. The forehead looks very strange and it doesn’t look like it works. The sides of the head shouldn’t be as round either. I’m not going to ask about the red color though, besides all that it is a very good start. :happy3:

This is my refrence, I’ll be trying to do something similar, head shape may be different to my liking though.

I do agree, the top of the head looks funny! (I have fixed it.)

Not bad, though I assume you intend on changing the color or putting a texture?

Yup. Exactly!


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