Feedback on models


I am posting this to get some feedback on my models, this is my first time making a bike and streetlight and wanted to know what I could improve on them and just feedback overall.



I like them I’m just unsure of what you could add to them…

Anyway I guess that means good job!


Both models are extremely well done! For the lamp post, I would recommend adding a light bulb inside for added realism. As for the bicycle, I would recommend making the cylinders you put for the frame thicker. The handles should also be made of cylinders since they don’t appear to be. Finally, the wheels should also be made of cylinders. Aside from that they’re very solid.


Both models have a lot of detail and I like it!

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Hi! Bike seat was a little high, usually the seat is around 1-2 inches thick and flat on the top. Other than that, I thought it is a very good first bike model!


These models overall look nice, however there’s always room for improvement. Personally; I believe that the layout of the bike (the red parts) could be scaled a bit bigger; and possibly lower the steering wheel. I also feel like the seat is too round.

As for the streetlight, it’s pretty good. The only thing I’d suggest would be to possibly add more detail to its interior (such as a neon part to show where the light is coming from etc.)

All in all, your models look perfectly fine, and show lots of potential!

the bar parts on the bike are kind of thin. idk if that what you were going for but other than that both of the models are good!

Apologies for not being clear, I mean making them a bit larger. And I do agree with you; the models are nice. Have a great day and good luck!

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Hey there! Amazing models you made there! Although i see some things which could be improved!


  • Try to make the frame of the bike thicker. It is very thin right now! :bike:

  • Make the bars in the wheels grey, they aren’t the same color of the tire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Make the glass part with the light source smaller, it is kinda big! :bulb:

That’s all i can think of! You can try those hints out, this is just to help you to improve! :smiley: Have a good day! :open_mouth: