Feedback on Multiplayer System

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I wanted to share some progress I have made on my Doom-Inspired shooter game.

I have been working on a rough TDM (Team Deathmatch) mode to lay out the framework for future game modes. I would like some feedback on the game and how you guys like it so far.

Note: I DO NOT own the map shown in the video, I was simply using it for testing purposes and it will not be present in the public version of this game. Map belongs to PoptartNoahh.


Sheesh, I love that!
Definitely has a potential, I can see people play it and even make videos on it.

Nice job :clap:

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Yo, I’m in love with everything I see here. The game doesn’t just have potential, this game is already a success, but you do need to do one thing and that is building a big community. Once the game releases you need to have it on the front page of Roblox without advertising.

You need to learn how to make your work stand out. This topic name doesn’t catch viewers because someone needs to actively search for it. You make amazing creations but you need to lead. You are the owner, make an effort, take it seriously. Anyone who doesn’t respect you when you do take it seriously, remove them off your team. You are not dependant on the team, you lead the team.

Start by renaming your Discord channels and roles, and posting click worthy posts on the devforum with a link to your discord server. You need to talk in open channels, post updates in open channels. You need to do your own thing, don’t talk every single person that joins thats the job of the other members but Encourage talking.

YOU HAVE A GIFT! Treat your players like they are gold, diamond even. Take your leader role seriously, and don’t let anyone touch or rename the discord roles or channels or anything else that can be renamed.

Cya, :wink:

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