Feedback on music

I was making music for my game i’m going to make. Can I have some feedback?


in the beginning, the song already begins vibin’. You could slow it down and then slowly add all the other sounds. in the beginning it sounds like a loop. You could also add some violins or other instruments thru the loop. And the same with the part from “1:03 to 2:00” it’s also a loop. You could add some instruments from the beggining part into the last part and you could add a bit from the last part to the beggining part! :smiley:

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The string’s attacks are too fast, try extending it to around 2500 ms, it breaks the song’s rhythm. Also as a suggestion, why don’t you try adding a reese bass(and I think there’s a sub-bass present and maybe you can try turn it into a square-wave bass)?

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