Feedback on my 2D Art

Henlo! I drew my Roblox Avatar, and I’d like some feedback on it. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!


WOW, I’m speechless. Your use of shadow :ok_hand: :woot:, the background is unique, your avatar is epic :happy3:.
The only criticism I’d give goes to the hat. It looks like it’s floating behind the character. You should move it so it’s resting on the head a little.

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Your Art looks great!
I advise you to draw horns under the hat ,since it seems that the hat is not put on your head and is located behind in the air. Despite this nuance, you have a very cool portrait !
Keep working and you will succeed! :wink:

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I’d say that this drawing is actually really good. Maybe in the future you’ll get hired :wink: