Feedback on my 2D game

Heres a video of my game:


Looks awesome so far. Here’s a suggestion, add an idle animation to the character so it doesn’t look like the game froze when the players stops walking.


I love the style! Your animations look nice too!

As far as things you might change/improve, I noticed the character flashed when changing to a previously unused frame. You can probably get around that either by preloading the image or by using a sprite sheet for the character.

I also think players would like it if the character moved a little faster. I think another thing to improve the feel of your game would be to use a physicy character controller so the character accelerates and decelerates when the controls are pressed and released. It’s pretty easy to do that by springing the raw inputs (ei have two axises for each input (x, y) and when the key for that input is pressed ramp the input axis up to one and when it is released ramp it back down to 0. This also makes your game work great on mobile and xbox, where the inputs aren’t on/off like PC).

I think something that would make your game’s style look even cooler might be slight movement in the background. Since you’re probably using the pixelated sampling you can have really memory efficient textures so you can have textures for animating say the trees, flowers, and bushes (maybe fake wind, at a steady rate, or just random). Also adding an idle animation for the character would be great too.

Overall your game looks really cool! A good 2D style is very unique on Roblox.


Thank you, this is really good feedback. I’ll try to add all of the things you recommended.

cant believe this is real, nothing negeative!

This is really cool! The shadows of the character look really weird when changing movement. You should only have one shadow texture that is behind the character and so that shadow follows the position of the character. You might need to change the offset too when your character is changing directions.

Interested in seeing how you did collisions, although you neglected to show that in the video.

I just added collisions last night (ignore the edges of the map, I haven’t cleaned that up yet).