Feedback on my 2nd GFX

I’m still a little new so I need some feedback.
Blender ( Posing, Texturing, Lighting)
Photoshop ( Stroke, Doge)



Ok, there needs to be some major improvements.The way how the background is blurred is weird. The brightness on the character is a bit to bright. The platform he standing on isn’t placed or colored right.

Here’s a video that could help with the background:

The character is too bright, it should also cast shadows (unless that’s his superpower). The black stroke gives off this anime, cartoony look and it’s not really going well with the environment.

Anyways keep up the good work :+1:

(I’d also recommend putting your watermark in front of the character so no-one can easily steal it)

You should remove the outline, make the character less bright, and not make it look like he’s floating.

Ah, ok.
The brightness is because he is suppose to be like a golden warrior but I will take do the rest! Thank you!