Feedback on my 2nd gfx!

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Hello Developers!
I am working and creating a new game. And I made this gfx.

How Is this?


It looks okay for your second GFX. Although, I would work on fixing the legs so that they don’t move onto the Torso. image

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Wow! This is your second gfx? That’s amazing keep up the good work! The one problem is, is that character holding the arrow? If not try putting behind the character, or in front!

Like @JackTheKrazyGuy said, the legs are mis-positioned.

If you look close enough at the arms you can see they are in the torso a bit and moved too much in front.

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It was a clicker game I am making lol. And thanks for all the good feedback @Guccci_Dabs222
and @happyboyreekid also @JackTheKrazyGuy