Feedback on my abandoned area!

Hello fellow Roblox Developers! Just came here to ask for feedback on my random and original creation. I’ve decided to create a condemned/abandoned area, implementing low poly trees + rocks + police tape. I’d really like some feedback on this creation even though I did not intend on creating this. Here are varieties of images based on my creation. Hope you enjoy it! (Everything was made by me, apart from the plugin I used to create the rope).


Each screenshot has a different point of view, and some of them have different colors for the grass. (I do take criticism so it is ok to be judgemental or opinionated).


I really like the color choice you picked!

It makes the build feel like it’s from a completely different world!!

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Thank you! That’s literally what I was aiming for! I randomized these colors to find a good blend-in with the atmosphere. I didn’t feel like messing around with the lighting but that would’ve made my creation stand out.

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WOW! :open_mouth: That Tree and the colour is Cool!! It’s not like an abandoned area. it’s more like a magic tree or something. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

But yeah, Thank you for reading this. have a nice day! :happy3:

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Its not look like an abandoned area, its more look like a fairy game :confused:

But trees and color combination are cool! good work!

That looks wayyy too much fantasy and cartoony for an abandoned place with police tape and stuff. But it would be really cool for a fantasy game with cartoony graphics I guess.

Thank you and thank you to the other people who enjoyed my creation. I interpreted it as an abandoned area but I didn’t really understand whether it was a fairy themed area or abandoned. But thank you a lot.

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