Feedback on my admin panel user interface

So recently I made some admin panel GUIs.

I would like feedback:


Server Controls:

Player Action:


Made in: Figma


I would say that is very impressive, but maybe you could improve the design of the GUI, its looking a bit bland and solid at the moment. Try make it more colourful and maybe add a gradient to it even.

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It’s a bit of a pain to do that because I’m using a design kit, but I will try.

Try using the Explorer to add a gradient or a colourful colour if its not featured in the kit.

I think sidebar can be improved and you can add a separate section for Ban logs and a reason panel under the ban that can be stored so in case you need to check why you banned a player that might turn helpful. Otherwise, everything looks super good.

The thing is with my admin panel is, there’s one ban, and its permanent and cannot be appealed.

How will you know if the administration is being well or not why people are being banned. This reasoning you might require. But it’s ok if you don’t wanna include it actually looks Cool :sunglasses:

Let me just clarify, I might add that and an unban system.

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I added a little logo on them.

They now look like:

Looks even better now! All the best!

Make your paddings and text sizes consistent.

Also, this seems redundant:


Would suggest having the text above the input field saying “Username:”.