Feedback on my animations!

Hey everyone,
Recently, I’ve been doing some work on my game that uses edited classic roblox gun meshes (credit to @Dogutsune for the meshes), just looking for some feedback on how some these animations are looking like so far, thanks!


I like the overall animations on every each video, but it just look pretty static, like there’s no flow into it, the motion as what I meant.

I like it but the animations doesn’t look like it flows smoothly to each spot.

The animations are good but kinda medium noticeable being robotic.

One issue is a bit too small noticeable “bounces” / weird movements but not that really big of a deal. It is kinda noticeable a lot on the Glock I think IDK what gun it is in the second clip.

On the third gun, the reload can be improved a little

Over all the animations are good. But small details do sometimes help for the animations to look good

They look great! I would make them a bit more dynamic if I were you though. (Add sway when the mag is pulled out, head movement, etc.

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You could try having the head follow the hand when it looks for ammo

It looks nice, however, unless this is the animation style you want to go with (springy, static, animations, like they use the ‘Back’ easing type), I’d suggest moving each part a bit more, making sure it has flow. Other than that, great work! Keep it up!

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Thank you everybody who’s given feedback so far, appreciate it!