Feedback on my Application UI

I am making an application UI for my friend. I just finished making it and I need some feedback so I can make sure it is good enough.


PS: I haven’t done the required field part and control panel part. This will be done by my friend instead.


I love it. Would you public this gui for everyone or only for your friend. It‘s really great!!! Good work!

“Application UI” by that, I gonna give it away to my friends. You can make a request of making UI similar to this but it will be paid.

Okay thanks for your awnser and fast awnser!

Looks good, do you plan on adding any sound for buttons when you click them? Maybe highlighted buttons when you hover your mouse over them, etc?

I think the design concept is great, but it feels a bit clunky and slow - I’m sure it’s a work in progress though!

My findings from user experience research find that people really are just looking for a simplistic step-by-step process for application. Shouldn’t have any more buttons than absolutely needed.

Here are some ones from a UI I made a while ago which is quite popular.

Images - What the reviewer sees - Welcoming Screen - Application Page - Review - Progress

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me!

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Overall it doesn’t look bad, but there are a few things to note:

  1. Since you used scale for the top bar, the text varies in size. To get around this, you can try giving the text more space by making the size of the box bigger.
  2. As @unix_system said previously, it does feel a bit clunky. I would try to make the transitions faster.

Other than that, it’s fine!! The colors fit well with each other, and the design is aesthetically pleasing (to me at least) Good luck!!!

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I won’t do that, I am planning to add ripple on buttons when I click them.

Sound Effects are pretty crucial to any Roblox game, even if it’s just UI.

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