Feedback on my automatic gun

I made an automatic gun and I would like some feedback on it.

It does not have any textures, because when I was making the mesh I made it in two parts instead of a part for each part of the gun like the magazine or the handle, but I did make it metal so it looks a little nicer.

The Gun Test Place!/about

To be real I dont like it When I shoot it it doesn’t feel like its being shot there is no back fire there is no smoke there is nothing, its also super round and bubbly which makes it look less like a gun, but I love the effort

We need visual feedback! Most games do this by using tracers or projectiles to actually show that the bullet is moving/hit. Without this we don’t really have a sense of feedback from far away, since we can’t see damage on the NPC.

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Even without the texture this gun looks decent. Firing the gun could be improved by getting a better shoot sound, maybe animate the gun to have some recoil when shooting. You do need a reloading sound though because it’s strange to not hear anything when you press R. Another way to improve this weapon is to add a background in the bottom right where the ammo counter is. I see that you already have one but it can be improved. Even something like this could help the person using this weapon have a better experience.

I made this in a few minutes by grabbing an image and putting it next to a counter. Something that is useful and required everywhere online is a good UI and UX. Hopefully this reply helps you on improving your weapon! Cheers.

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