Feedback on my Bank

Hello, This is my first Post on the Roblox developer forum. But anyways How does this bank look and what I can do to make it better I want to be able to have feedback from someone who has more experience than me. Note: I did not use blender because this was a speed build because I was bored. By the way there is no color because I was confused and I did not want to spend a while on it this is just a basic model that I made. Give your opinion I don’t expect it to be a high rating because this is my first model.


For a first good work.

  • Make it match up with it’s parts
  • Make the window look like a really window with glass.
    All I could say
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Hello, @timpanjo! :clown_face:

Personally, I do believe you’re a great builder, because you proved yourself this is you know a great-, you know build, and I’m glad you’re developing because you’re doing so well, this is a great fora first, and you know, yeah, but you did not give your all in this build, you could had made this much more detailed, which is okay, you know, don’t get upset. You’re a first, you know, first gang. XD


Windows look off, they don’t like the windows on real banks,

the money sign is just unrealistic, they don’t have that in real banks.

These square things aren’t detailed enough as the the real life banks.

Door is too unrealistic, and they don’t have that type of doors in banks.

Overall this build isn’t great, but it’s a GOOD start, keep progressing man!

Hope you take this into consideration, keep working hard, you got this! You’re doing so well, man!



Heyo! Welcome to the forum! I got a few suggestions for you! First off, you should try adding more colors, instead of just plain white. As shown in this picture:


The color is white and some shades of grey! (Search up bank on google for more color references) Not all bank are exactly just white and grey, but I think it looks nice! Maybe if you do not like the combination, maybe a brown or something?


I honestly don’t know what this is, mind saying?


As show in the picture below, you have only made the frame of the window, I suggest going the extra mile and actual completing it! You should add maybe a light blue colored glass? Or white?

The frame itself looks nice! If you do make the glass, you should add those line-shading things, I don’t know the exact name but here’s of picture of what it looks like:



Honestly, I think that the pillars are WAYYY to skinny! You should make it bigger! Something like this:


As you can see in the picture, the pillars actually have width! In addition, some decoration to the pillars would add a nice touch! Looks at this picture showcasing three types of pillars:

Money Sign

Instead of the dollar sign, maybe add a logo! Like “RoBank” or something! I get that you put a dollar sign to make people know that it’s a bank, but a logo would make it nicer and more realistic in my opinion!


Overall, this is good build, but which my suggestions and the suggestions above, I think you could make it better. Good luck on future development! :smile:


it’s very good for your first time! My first model was very bad.

There could be some improvisations though, here are some:

  • Banks don’t have those kind of windows, you should try open , larger windows like in the mad city jewelry store or jailbreak bank.

  • the top of the building is too sharp, try to split the triangles more and put a block in the middle of them.

  • Add some text like 'The Robloxian Bank* instead of the dollar sign.

  • Make the fences a bit smaller, they look too big.

Good luck, i hope i’ve helped you and that this is the solution!

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For your first model this is alright, it has its ups but it also has its downs. The overall layout seems fine but it could have had much more plan time towards it.

I am not seeing much use of different colours, maybe this is something you could work with and experiment on moving forward.

Thank you I really am gonna take your message seriously and try to improve my building

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