Feedback on my Barn/Blacksmith Workshop


I created this barn sorta building and I’d like to hear your opinions on it.
If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to tell me! :slight_smile:

Game link: Barn - Roblox



I like the house itself especially the roof you made. My feedback is the house looks too blocky, maybe add some polls or outline to the wall.
Other than that, everything looks fine to me!
Keep on building!

It looks great but there are a few things you can do to improve this further.

I’m honestly not a fan of the windows and they don’t seem to work well in that style. Also the neon doors are a little odd and I feel like having regular double doors just like a barn is a great idea here.

The inside is too dark and the floor of the barn shouldn’t be the same color as the walls. It should be a dark brown.

Other than that I love the detail, especially the boots lol.

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The barn it looks really good, like all the different details you added into it here is a few things to fix and add to the barn.

My Suggestions

  • The windows on the barn like “Drone” said i would suggest you change them. As they don’t really go with the style of the barn, you could turn down the neon effect on it! and you could add some lights on the front of the top door piece. I would recommend that.

  • And on the side of the barn you could add, some more wood pieces and in the inside i would suggest, you add some more lights in there it looks a little to dark in the corners and on the wall part.

  • Also on the wooden table parts, you could add some more tools like a. (The Tongs) and on the side part you could add some, dirt and grass to the terrain part so it could look a little better. Overall like all the details you added into the barn!!

  • And the outside part you could maybe add some trees, little plants and the inside of your barn you could add some more tools in the workshop…

And that’s all keep up the good work. Hope to see more of this very soon.

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I appreciate your feedback, I actually did have trees but never bothered to put them in. :slight_smile:


Wow this build looks amazing, I love the detail and colour scheme however I have a few points of improvement.

The neon effect on the door is awesome however it being white provides to much of a contrast with the wood, try changing it to a dark or light yellow (see what works best).

As well as this the inside of the house looks great however it doesn’t look cultured enough, try adding features in the middle like a round central table etc.

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