Feedback on my basic game icon

Greetings fellow developers! I’ve made a basic game icon in ROBLOX Studio and am looking for feedback!

How well do you think this icon would perform as a sponsor?

Do you have any improvement ideas?

Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s the icon:

I appreciate your replies, everyone!


I’d recommend adding a background, because it looks very plain. Overall, it’s nice!

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You should add a backround and change the avatar of the Robloxian.


Could you please describe it in more detail? Would the background cover the water and metal? Would it be some sort of particles behind the player? etc.

Please describe what you mean by background.

I think I might make it a classic Noob avatar. Sound good?

It depends on your:

  • Game’s main color.
  • Game theme or type.
  • Game’s most common textures that are used in it.
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I guess I just mean how much of the picture would the background cover, and how much you could see through it.

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More details will be good.

Yes that’s sound perfect!

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Should I attempt to enhance the water somewhere, or just choose something else for the background?

What about making the water transparent and also adding some sharks or fish swimming inside of it? That would be cool.

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Great idea! But sadly, I’m building this icon in Studio and transparent water is not an option. Any other suggestions for detail?

Ah yes, I totally forgot.

What about creating some kind of shark that is trying to bite that falling poor player :pensive:.

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I’ll try to make one jumping out of the water. R.I.P. noob

That sounds very cool!

(Message me the game link when its finished, I wanna play it :wink:)

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New image, much better.


It’s looking very great now! Good work! Now I don’t know what you should add… Maybe because it’s perfect :wink:

Please send a link when your game will be out, I’d like to play it!!

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