Feedback on my Blender Model

What’s up guys! I just created this extremely awesome simplistic stereo with an advanced base! I just snapped a few pics of my stereo and legit just did a reference photo in blender! Constructive criticism is appreciated!!
Screenshot 2020-12-14 150458|690x398


looks great! its too simple to have anything wrong with it.


For a really basic model it looks good. It’s low poly which is nice. Too many games on Roblox make everything high poly and all that does is make the game run poorly and stutter the more players there are in a game. From the look of it you carved a circle into the stereo using the boolean modifier and then filled the empty space. I am a beginner at Blender but I am striving to learn to use the software to make not just more models but higher quality models. For courtesy, since your image isn’t properly displaying, I’ve pasted it into this reply so readers can see it without downloading it. I am noticing that there is a face that’s darker then the rest of the model on the stereo’s left side. Probably just a problem with rendering with Eevee, my work in progress model has a very similar problem and I also used Eevee for a quick render. Again, good work. Nothing wrong with it that I can see, except for the dark polygon but it isn’t a complete eyesore thankfully.

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