Feedback on my brand new game! - Guess the Build

Hello! I just released my game called “Guess the Build”. Please let me know any feedback you may have or any suggestions that I can potentially add. Be as harsh as possible. So far the main issue is that mobile players are clueless at building, but I guess there’s not much you can do about that. Thank you! Guess The Build - Roblox (The game requires 2 or more players)

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A couple of points of interest…

  • I recommend implementing the ability to build multiple blocks at once. It will speed up the building process and give some of the slower building players more chance to build their stuff within the 120 second time limit.

  • The game is awfully quiet with the exception of the occasional sound effects produced by the system, the user interface, or the footsteps of the players.

  • I noticed that you can type variations of the word that is being built and it will not be considered correct. For example Lollipop and Lollypop. If you have a particular bias or preference in regards to whether you wish to use the American or British spelling for some of the words, at least provide a response that hints that the player is on the right track to guessing/spelling the word.

  • Instead of preventing a player from chatting once they guessed the word. I think it would be better to allow them to convene privately amongst those that have already guessed the word. No one likes being “muted”, and besides, people like to discuss whatever is happening within the game.

  • There are areas on the map that appear accessible, yet they are actually not. The lack of a physical indicator that may otherwise suggest that you might stumble upon an invisible wall can easily become annoying for an average player that is disinterested in whatever is being built in the middle. For example, within the image attached, you have this entire staircase that is just inviting you to explore the upper area of the island. Yet you are greeted with a slap to the face by an invisible wall.

Overall, you have a functioning game, bravo.


Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree with the whole muted thing, will for sure add a private chatting mode for players who already guessed the word. As for the ability to build multiple blocks, that’s currently a gamepass only feature. The game actually does have sound that’s suppose to play, just had it disabled on accident for some reason. As for the hints thing, I’m not entirely sure on how I would be able to capture if the player is on the right track without tracking every variation of said word. Lastly, for the areas on the map that are not accessible, I did this intentionally to give the map a bigger feel, but also to not allow the player to move away from the actual gameplay part of the game. Again, thank you for checking out the game!

I suppose one thing you can do is check the letters within the answer the player provides and compare it with the actual answer. Let’s say the object is “Giraffe”, but the player provides an answer of “Girafe”. 5 of the 7 letters are in the correct position, and with this, you can probably make a reasonable deduction that the player is really close to writing out the word. Hence, you can provide a prompt in the chat to the player which says “You are really close to the actual answer.” or something along those lines.

Now I did see you have a few words that are exactly three letters. So do be careful with implementing the aforementioned system.

You could also make a little list of words that are considered acceptable answers. For example, you might display the word “Color”, but also accept the word “Colour” as an answer. The spelling is correct in both cases, it just differs depending on whether you are using American English or British English. Other examples are “Center” and “Centre”, “Neighbour” and “Neighbor”, “Honour” and “Honor”.

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Wow, congratulations on the release of “Guess the Build”! I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit, especially with the added bonus of mobile players being completely clueless at building. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a game that completely excludes a large portion of its potential player base? And the fact that the game requires 2 or more players just takes it to the next level. I’m sure no one will have any issue finding enough friends to play with. Keep up the fantastic work of creating games that alienate and exclude players.

Did you even try out the game? The game is mobile compatible. Not sure where all this sarcasm is coming from.