Feedback on my "Brickbattle" Tycoon

This actually an older project of mine, but I wanted some feedback on it now that I have access to these forums. It’s like a classic tycoon but with the added fun of having to destroy things with a Rocket Launcher to get what you need!

The project is currently on hold while I work on a new and much larger project, but do you guys think it’s worth pursuing the completion of this tycoon? I left the game nearly done, but each floor is bland and generic, there’s an entire brickbattle missing from the main area, and the GUI design is mostly full of placeholders. So there is plenty left to finish.

Anyways yeah, is it worth working on further? What can I improve if so?

edit: Just did a massive overhaul of all of the scripts. The game should run probably a good hundred times smoother than it used to! This also means the game is going to have a good hundred times more bugs than it used to, so report them if you will!


Nice game! The creation date is 2012, but I recommend you update the game. Players usually get bored with games that look old. Maybe change the materials of objects.

If you want the old Roblox vibe I’m cool with that!

I do! It’s my favorite style and all of my games run with it… but admittedly I’m kinda worried no one else is into that style :sweat_smile:

The game was actually made last year, I just uploaded it over one of my old places from 2012. So it’s not that old, it’s only from 2019.

Some people enjoy the old style of Roblox; including me. However lots of players don’t, so it’s absolutely up to you on how you want to make your game!

The tycoon and old style dont mix. Most players that play tycoons are between the age of 4-9 Noobs. I recommend you make it look modern Kinda like adopt me.

Well, I suppose you’re probably right about that. I haven’t seen a single old-style game on the front page but thousands of “modern” style games. A bit of a shame really, I think the modern low-poly style is lackluster.

Out of curiosity, do you think an old roblox style RPG would work? That happens to be my current project, but it’s in pretty early stages while I program all of the systems from scratch. If it’s a guaranteed failure with an older build style I can adapt into the modern style.

I tried the game and its very addicting. 10/10! :smiley:

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Oh yeah, weird flex but my money go brrrrr

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Yes actually that would work very well. The rpg community is a bit older and might appreciate a mix or just old style.