Feedback on my Build (Low-Poly Island)

Hi! I have recently been building low-poly themes and it’s a showcase. I’ve built around 2 games based on low-poly and I might start making realistic builds. Do you have any tips? Please give me feedback!

Link: Showcase #2 - Roblox


Good builds overall, love the design of the shop keep it up

Builds look good, and the lighting makes it look even better. Keep up the good work!

Instead of moving to different styles - themes I would just stick with one instead of moving to something else.

The island is good, but it’s not really an island this looks more like a mountain islands are more surrounded with other objects and more smooth looking you should at least include more in order to call it an island add some elevation and different props to fit the style. Include boats in the water or against the sand?

The trees are quite repetitive. Maybe try making other types of palm trees with different types of styles to them, I really feel as if there should be a couple more the lead structure is quite weird looking consider adding shape and form into it.

Overall, it’s very well made I would just recommend adding more items to the scene to fit the island feel what you have so far is alright try to spice it up a bit.

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Remember to always fix this kind of stuff in games you make!

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