Feedback on my build!

I decided to make a simulator game and made a shop. I need your ideas to improve.



All feedbacks are appreciated.


A few things. First of all, I think that having the same model for each shop/building is not a good idea. Maybe change the shape up and put something in there that makes each shop unique and distinct. (Icons, building shapes, building size, etc.) Additionally, the buildings look too flat. Maybe try moving the center part out more or making the roof stick out rather than being flush with the rest of the building. If you could improve on those things I think that might help your builds pop out more and be more recognizable.


These models belong to an old project, so I decided to remake them. Of course, I will build these things in different shapes. Thanks for your feedback, if you have any other ideas feel free to write them here.

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they look pretty nice but they definitely need variation in shape as someone already said. I also think that the door material doesnt match because its realistic compared to the other smoothplastic parts, and the white bricks would look better if they were the color of the wall behind them but a bit darker

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I forgot to color the bricks, I realized after your feedback. Thanks for the feedback.

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