Feedback on my builds early development

Hey guys i would like some feedback on some of my builds please.

Fairly simplistic and early in development to ask for constructive feedback - criticism.

I’m assuming you’re just starting off in your building journey you should try putting everything together what I mean by this is try finishing some of the models a lot of the models are non colored and not fully finished. However, I would try practicing and learning more to improve your building skills. (Are you wanting feedback on a specific model or all of them)?

As for feedback, a lot of the models since In the place looks incomplete use reference images for finding materials and color scheme it’ll help improve your builds because you’ll see what your buildings just from that image. I’ll try looking at a few builds and see how they look in the real world, then try to replicate that into the studio. Honestly though, it’s a good start to starting, building, but’s it’s quite hard to give feedback on something that’s early in development.

Simple, and not bad. I did notice somethings were uneven and not scaled properly.

Yeah thanks mate, it is only the start, next time i will finish the thing im making then ask for feeback, but thanks.

Yes i agree, next time i will finish something then ask, it is very early in the game but i appreciate it, thanks.

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The overall builds are not bad, relatively simple and a good starting point and can always be improved as you improve over the course of the development, would have to see the final products to know for sure though, however I feel that some areas are too small for multiple players to be in at the same time, is the game singleplayer or multiplayer?

Also as Healvings said, somethings are uneven and in some areas parts clip into other other parts, this could be easily fixed and I wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, yes this is single player and some stuff might be uneven as everything is a work in progress, but thank you for your comments.