Feedback on my Builds

Hello! Since I am a beginner to Roblox Studio I would like to get feedback on them. Thank you!

First build (♡Secret Garden♡ - Roblox):

Second Build (Small Kitchen)
Third Build (tried to make a medieval cottage):


Not bad! I think you should focus on one style when building something. For example, in the second image you made a cartoony exterior but the house is more realistic. You should balance your building style and decide which one you want to go with instead of using totally different ones in one build. It will just be less clashy. Other then that, the builds are pretty good! :smile::+1:


Nice builds. For a beginner it’s a decent start it’s a step to improve your building skills continue to learn and practice:

All the models seem good and put together properly the proportion is nice and it doesn’t seem to be rushed with overdone details. I don’t know if this is correct or not. Are all the the trees that are placed around the map look quietly the same design. I see the style your going for is a cartoony look try spacing out the vegetation so it doesn’t look cluttered and patched together.

Good use of tree formation and variety of plants to feature that realism feel. Generally I would try continue to create more models the few examples are good if your interest is into making houses, sorting styles i would recommend staying to that style so you wont jump all over the place. I’m not sure the medieval cottage features one material try placing sorting designs around it, otherwise there all good models.


I like the design you created here. Good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanx for pointing that out! I do tend to add and add things on the spot. (I did try to challenge myself not to use blender for the kitchen lol) Once again thank you for pointing that out! Next time I build I’ll try to keep that in mind.

Thank you so much for commenting! I did try to make some differences in the trees, but it seems like all came out the same shape. This is a habit, but whenever I feel like there is space I cover it as much as possible, so I’ll try to let go of it :smile:. Thanx for replying, too! I’ll try focusing more on just a style next time! Thanks!

It’s kinda hard to believe you when you said “Since I am a beginner” when these actually look good!

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Though a mistake can be seen here where this would look better when the ground is flatter.

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On your third picture you just have the water fall floating ff the hill and maybe add some rocks at the bottom of the water fall. also picture one the pathway colors are a little weird looking if you need coloring help use for coloring, but besides that keep up the great work!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll be sure to flatten the ground. Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to do that!