Feedback on my cafe


The build itself is blocky and the colors are wonky. I’d say work on your skills a bit and fix the color choices; at the moment it looks like a roblox build from 2014.

A good suggestion would be to look up some real-life cafe designs from the internet and take inspiration from there.

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Similar to how @Jakuzvre worded it. I would also suggest making the text labels on your Surface GUIs more unique, and colorful to the theme. Perhaps also take the floor, by making it into wooden planks, where you could also add a black part below the planks to portray a bit of darkness/shadow.

To give you my honest opinion, the build needs a lot of work. Like both comments before me said, it looks like a build from 2014. I think the exterior design is looking good so far. I can tell you are going for a low poly build here, but low poly doesn’t mean no detail. Your machines are not lined up and are uneven. Since you used cylinders already, there isn’t a reason why you can’t incorporate more shapes so it’s not so blocky. The floor boards are far to large and doesn’t look even or professional with the gaps. I recommend that you either switch to the texture “Wooden Planks” and change it to be just one brick or that you make your tiles smaller and give them even gaps.

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