Feedback on my Camping GFX

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since I posted/ made GFX. After a long break, I just finished this camping GFX and was looking for feedback to improve.


Wow, awesome job! It’s a really good quality GFX and the character is very nicely rendered. I love how realistic the background looks as well!

Looks great, I love the realism and scene!

All I would probably change is the scale of the RV compared to the person. I don’t know how far the person is supposed to be from the RV due to perspective so I might be wrong on this, but the RV seems quite small in the scene. It almost looks the same height as the person which makes the guy pretty huge LOL, so I’d suggest making the RV bigger.

I don’t really have anything other than that, so keep it up! :happy3:

It looks very good, the entire scene is very well-rendered, and it has a lot of detail.

The RV does look a bit small compared to the person though, but everything else is very good.


The background seems way too small compared to the character but at first glance it looks really nice.

I am referring to the tress and RV in the background.