Feedback On My Color Game

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for some feedback on my first real game. I’ve made a couple in the past but none with any actual quality.

Really any feedback will do. Ideas on what to improve, what to add, what’s broken, what I’ve done well, etc. I just want some people to get into the game and see what they think.

Some ideas that are currently on my to-do list right now are:

  • Monetization (I need suggestions for this, I want it to be very light and able to be obtainable without Robux)
  • Different game modes (ex: hard mode)
  • Voting System

Here’s the game: BloxParty - Roblox

Looking forward to hearing what people have to say :grin:


The game is very basic, but its good.

Ideas for monetization:
-Add some kind of currency a player can obtain for playing the game, but also can purchase with robux.
-VIP gamepass that multiplies the amount of currency earned by playing, and also gives some cosmetic bonuses(like “VIP” chat tag)

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Basic game mechanics, that work wonders and are very fun to play. Great game!

Ideas for monetization:

  • “Custom games” mode in VIP servers. What if the VIP server owner can toggle this mode, so that they can change almost every value in each round: how fast the selected color changes, how few of each color there are, etc. This gives an incentive to purchase VIP servers! Note: winning a custom game grants no wins.

  • Some kind of currency, obtained upon participating in any round, or winning that round, or by simply purchasing it for Robux. This currency would be used to purchase tons of cosmetic items: trails! skins! (turns your avatar into a specific avatar), color palettes! (maybe a “pastel” color palette that changes all the bright game colors to pastel colors, or a “sunset” color palette, a “sci-fi” color palette etc), what about titles! these appear in chat and over your roblox avatar. Maybe you can also purchase emotes! You could incorporate this into a new feature: daily play streaks. If you play 5 rounds in one day, you get +5% more currency. This stacks up to 100%. Missing ONE day without playing 5 rounds resets this currency bonus to 0%.

Ideas for game modes:

  • Hard mode : There will always be only 3 versions of the selected color at any point of time. 2x wins and 50% more currency!
  • Party mode : Massive servers! Massive amounts of cubes! Increased player speed! True party mode! unable to obtain wins from this game mode. (If it’s possible, voice chat would make this even better!)
  • 1vs1 : Last to die wins.
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The game is great but I’ve got 2 issues.
-For mobile players, the bottom half of the screen is blocked and it prevents them from jumping.
-The donation board isn’t functional.
Other than that, the game is great, I had fun playing it.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m definitely going to be adding a lot of these ideas to my agenda, they’re super creative.

Thanks for letting me know about these issues. I’ll take a look at them and get some fixes out ASAP.