Feedback on my commission sheet

Hey everyone, @amobamocamo here. I just finished my commission sheets and I was wondering what I could add or remove to it to make it look better.

Commission sheets:

Thanks for the feedback in advance!


I can’t describe how amazing all these logos are. Great job man!


These look very professional, well done and sleek, one qualm is that I see this style a lot with café, restaurant games, maybe some diversity and variety in style? The price seems fair for this work I must say.

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The graphics are great, but I’m confused by your pricing schema, and if I was hiring someone with these prices I’d have to ask:
If a logo costs R$1,000, why does the logo, background, character render, iconography and all also cost R$1,000? In what scenario would someone pay the same amount for less return?
On top of that, the larger thumbnail sized flavor seems to be the same assets in a different layout and resolution, how does that additional work amount to an extra R$4,000?

I’m not saying any of those are too much to pay an artist for their work but I’m thinking you’re undervaluing the icon and thumbnail as compared to just the logo, knowing how much additional work the former two takes. The icon is worth much more than the logo imo. I’d price it closer to the thumbnail since they’re similar in additional work

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Thanks for the feedback. Tbh I just randomly put the prices.

The render and just the background was supposed to be 1k not the text but I guess I could have clarified that.

I guess I could raise the price, I can see what you mean.

I just had those thumbnails lying around so I put them there. But I can make scenes like these:



(I might actually raise my prices to those in that commission sheet that I found ngl)

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