Feedback on my current game

Hello fellow developers! I’m Thunderinq. I have recently decided to create a club, similar to that of Club Tesla, Iris. I have so far started on the entrance of the place, and I was hoping for some real quick feedback, just to make sure I am going on the correct path. The theme is sort of a downtown feel, in which this place has a “lit up, bright” feeling to it.


All feedback is accepted, thank you!

Well it looks pretty good, first of all. But i would recommend adding a curb by raising the sidewalk, as the road is currently at the same level as the sidewalk. I also recommend adding a door, and lights to the other side of the front. This was just a few pieces of advice :slight_smile:

What is suppose to be on the right side? It is empty… but the rest if magnificent :clap:

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Thanks! There is a slight curb haha, but I’ll be sure to add a little bit more of sizing Also, I will definitely look into the door and lights!

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Thank you! And I originally had the lights there, however I thought of it as possibly keeping one side dark, and one side really lit up. Just to make it seem different, ya know? But, in all honesty, I am really considering keeping the lights throughout the entire front-exterior.

Love the color combination for the lights - it gives the entrance a whole new feel to it. I’d suggest keeping this light combo on the other side of the front as well.

The font of your club’s name is perfect for a downtown club theme. The color and glow of the title matches really well with the color combination.

Like @Macawmangrovve12 mentioned, you should raise the level of the entrance and add a curb. I can see a slight rise, but I think it should be higher.

I know this may not be the feedback you’re looking for at the moment, but if you add/change the current Skybox shown in your pictures (you probably should), I’d recommend having a night sky with the moon and stars.

Good luck on your build. Looks great so far! Hope I gave you a couple ideas.

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Thank you for the feedback! I have resized the curb and I also extended the lights throughout the build. Also, that is a good idea, as it will really match the downtown club scene. Thanks!

Screenshots of the curb, lights throughout the build:


Honestly looks really nice, cant wait too see what that turns into!