Feedback on my current showcase project

Hello, hello. I’d like to get some feedback and maybe ideas on what to add into my showcase game im currently working on. The main theme of the game is “Caves” and it currently consists of maybe bit over 10 different areas. The game is of course a normal showcase game but it also has the intention of showing of the updated materials and also i decided to utilize the meshes that come with the collaboration of Synty and roblox so most meshes are from that collab. These pictures are taken on the open beta of roblox studio with the new material textures.


looks really good man!!! keep it up!!!

Wow! great work! The build itself is very detailed and gives spooky and adventurous vibes, would love to play it!

Thanks! Yeah i might put up another devforum post once i release it to those who are interested!

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Looks amazing, I would also love to explore this!