Feedback on my Deer

Learn to mesh. You will never get better at blender if you don’t try and practice.
Making an animal out of roblox ballsphere parts is an outdated and polycount inefficient method.

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Bruh, don’t be so harsh, yeah he does need to learn how to use blender at some time but just going right out and saying “Learn to Mesh” is quite disrespectful.

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I see nothing wrong with telling someone to flat out learn to mesh and then explaining the flaws with utilizing roblox mesh ball parts.

You know, you could try saying it in a more respectful way? Just a thought.

I specifically told him to learn to mesh and told him that he wouldn’t improve if he doesn’t practice.

There is no sign of malice or ill intent here.
Quit trying to start fights over nothing.

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To be frank, I’m just making the most of the tools at hand. I’ll learn blender at a future point when I’m willing to sit down and really practice with it. However, at the moment that time isn’t available.

I did add this comment though to kind of limit the “blender” responses, as these said responses are easily the most simple and easy to lean towards. It’s the obvious answer towards ‘how to make it look better’ sure. However, I was looking for feedback that could be accomplished with the tools studio provides ( hence why I acknowledged blender at all the in the first place ).

Obviously - I didn’t make that clear enough.

Thanks regardless.

You should have mentioned time as the limiting factor instead of only “unfamiliarity” because that sounds like you just weren’t motivated enough to tackle learning Blender due to “steep” learning curve.

Just some friendly feedback. It’s always rude and condescending to tell somebody what they should or shouldn’t do. Perhaps rephrasing with a suggestion or alternative can make it come off kinder :+1:


I personally think that it is a bit to clunky, The antlers, sure they look good. Although the deer… another story, I think the head shouldn’t be a lot of different meshes, the nose and eyes look good so moving down, the neck, I would say make it smaller and move the head down. Moving downward to the front legs, they dont look the best, the knees don’t fit so just I would say keep it all brown, and move the legs in same with the back, as far as I can tell, the back legs are decent, with the torso or whatever it is called, it should be one part and the back legs move upward and inward, and closer to the front legs in that direction, not close to it, but just move it up a little. (not trying to come off rude and saying everything is bad, just I think that is what could make it look better)

The head looks too far out, but other than that its looking nice especially since you didn’t use a model software.

No I completely get you D34N. I never tried to come across either as “this is the best deer you’ll find on roblox”. It was more of a “is this good enough for hunting in my game” haha. I get everything you’re saying - and yeah of course the antlers look great. They’re a default roblox hat mesh!

Appreciate the feedback - I decided to just go along with what I had already and have begun animating / scripting. You guys should have seen the very first deer model I made! :joy:

Thanks man - all I cared about. Making it look ‘good enough’ without modeling software.

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LOL! Yeah the essentials of a game is the core, aka the scripting and animating. also if you’d like I could try and make a deer! And yeah I think you did really good on the ears! They look amazing! the core of a game is the scripting, because think of it like this: if you just had a deer model, then you would load in the game, and the deer would flop over, bam games over.

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Appreciate it, but I’ve already got it all scripted / animated and I’m not too interested in going through the rigging process again haha.

xD alright man have fun with that process :laughing: Im just looking for a dev partner. Hmu when u ready lol

You started very good!
But you should see the Adopt Me reindeer to see how do you can improve your deer
Notice the noise zone and the the antlers and the ears

What’s your problem I think this deer looks cute although its head does look a bit weird and good people can build in any style they want with anything they want he doesn’t have to learn blender just so he can make a deer.