Feedback on my Desk Model

So I’ve recently dived into building on Roblox, and I just created my first small asset, a desk! I am looking for any feedback and tricks that can be used when building small assets or large maps, all is welcome!

The Desk

I know it’s not very good, but it is my first build and I am just looking for strategies and feedback! :slight_smile:


This is a bit too simple to give feedback on but I’ll try my best.
The drawers on that thin support look odd, I suggest making that one support the same shape and size as the drawers.
Also, I would also recommend adding some more to this table unless you are intending this simplistic style. Details, eye candy, and Easter eggs can be used to spice up the scene and allow users to explore more.

Other than that, great work so far!

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This is actually quite a brilliant idea! Thanks so much and I’ll keep it in my mind for the future.


I do agree with Carbyne in that you should add more to the tabletop. Reference embedded below to help you with ideas.

One thing I also think could do with a change is the use of the sharp edges on the corner of the desk. Maybe rounding those corners with unions would look better and more sleek, because as is it looks a little like a pointy banana on stilts.

I’d also suggest adding a frame of some sort, just to give it a bit more form and style. See images below for examples.

Thanks for including some pictures, I’ll add an updated version when I’m finished editing after feedback. Not to sound like an idiot, but what exactly are unions?

I really like this desk. But of course, there are some things that could be improved.

The edges.
Yes, the edges. Probably the one thing that nobody else cares about. I honestly feel like the edges of the desk are too sharp. I mean like, say its your first day at your new job, and you go over to your new desk, and WHAM hit your knee on the edge of your desk. Yeah, not really what you’re going for, is it?

The Drawers
The drawers. I like them, yes, but they do not whatsoever feel natural. I can see what you’re going for with the modern feel, but like, dude, can we agree that theres just something not right about those drawers?

The Actual Table Part
Like, the table’s surface. Its nice. But it doesn’t really go quite with the rest of the desk. Like, I feel like the shade of blue isn’t quite right, and its a bit too clear.

THATS IT! Yay, Im done telling you that something you put skills and determination into would use “a bit more this and a bit more that”. Overall, its a nice desk, way better than I could have made it.

-WalkingTalkingTopHat :tophat:

And unions are something under model when you take 2 things and make them 1 thing. Yeah, amazing, I know.

It looks very basic, it puts more color and texture at a rate a pc a plant keeps working and you will achieve what you want