Feedback on my Destroyed Fort

Hello developers!

I am looking for feedback on my destroyed Fort that I am currently working on. So far, I only have an exterior but, I’ll add later on. Some images of the Fort are listed below.

If you could provide feedback, that would be greatly appreciated!


Make parts of the roof collapsing inwards.

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I’ll lol into doing that! Thanks though for suggesting this.

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Please do not duplicate posts (or in your case quadruple). It’s so annoying when other devs see it in their feed.


Yeah I’m sorry about that, I am still learning how to use the DevForum and the images weren’t loading. It shouldn’t happen again though.

  1. Well, I know that your map is set in a snowy setting but I think adding a few dead bushes and twigs would add the ambiance to the world.

  2. Maybe make one of the two doors for the gate partially destroyed?

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In the third image the building doesn’t look to broken, only the front is a little busted up. Add some to the roof or the other sides of the building.

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About the walls: Looking great but add more sharp edges/spikes in destroyed places
About the house/building: looks quite cool,excelent work :wink: but also destroyed parts need a little bit more sharp edges/spikes

The build is overall good, I feel as if you could add a lot more noticeable structural damage, detail, and include collapsed walls on the sides and back, and not just the front. You lack some windows on the other walls as well. Otherwise, it’s not too bad.

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Looks nice but you should make more parts of the building collapsing inwards or just deteriorated in general.

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