Feedback on My Difficult Chart Obby

Me and a friend decided to make a Difficult Chart Obby. A Difficult Chart Obby, is an obby that progressively get’s harder as you move along. Anyways we are both looking for feedback to see how we can improve in the future. Thank, you!

Game: Super's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox


Done the first 50 stages and I can say is it seems good but, try adding some music to the game like how many other DCO has music to it.

Consider making the speed run speed a little faster like make the speed, “25” It seems to be the same speed when I was doing it

Also, consider moving one of the UI’S, since they seem too close to each other


I also tried playing it on mobile, and you really need to work on the UI for the mobile players.

Overall, good job.

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There are many problems with this obby.

  1. The JToH Kit isn’t credited in the description (minor, but you should still credit it)
  2. The kill bricks, nor the particles are colored.
  3. Too many easy stages. It gets boring.
  4. Some of the stages are pretty lazily thought of
  5. There’s no music
  6. The sky box looks odd with this game. You should just use a normal blue sky.
  7. The colors are pretty weird for a difficulty chart in the specific order you put them in
  8. The stages barely get harder
  9. The instant kill bricks look weird. It’s just grey neon parts.
  10. I’m pretty sure the gamepass icons are stolen.

There’s a lot of room to improve.


Thank you for telling me especially about the game passes, I am going to have them changed right away.

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its a little bit to easy so it just makes the game boring