Feedback on my drawing I made for a Roblox friend

I would like some feedback on this drawing I made, it took me a couple of hours.

What needs to be fixed? If anything needs to be fixed.
What’s wrong with it?

dom better


I don’t know if this is just me, but the lighting looks kind of weird.

When the sun shines on a building, the side of the building facing the sun gets light, all the other sides are still shadowy.

For this particular drawing, I had no idea where the sun was. Why do the left shoulder and the left side of the pants have light, but the hair and arm on the left don’t?

As for the sunset, I don’t think it blends smoothly. When I go for a bike ride during sunset, where the dark sky and pink sky meet, there are a lot of different shades. For yours, it goes from pink to 2 shades of magenta, and then immediately blue. Try adding more shades in there so it blends better.

Overall, great work, and I think with a few edits this will look incredible! Keep at it! :slight_smile:


It looks awesome. You’ve created your own style so you’re the one deciding how should it be. However, you may want to work on the measures of the character in the picture, fix a bit the proportions. Keep up the good work.


The art style is amazing! I really like the clouds and the character design. Though some stuffs could be fixed though, like the shading and lighting. The shading feels too plain, I suggest adding more colors like red, purple, and blue for the shading and lighting. But for the style of shading, the choice is all yours! And also the clothing feels kind of odd. Maybe you could add some folds and more looser bottoms for the suit, but it’s up to you!

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Thanks for the feedback.
I’ve always had trouble with lighting, and I’ll keep your comment in mind.

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