Feedback on my F-16 union model revamp

I made yesterday a complete revamp of F-16 union model, so here are the pictures.

Though it’s missing a canopy, it would be difficult for me to create a canopy for the F-16. Anyway I hope you have a good day.

With regard acecombat606.


Leave me your thoughts and suggestions on this topic.

Very nice model as beginner :+1: :+1:
you made it with blender? if so you could make way more curves as in the real one

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No, not with blender but with Studio by memory, that F-16 picture should only be posted true member because if I did post something that, I may get flagged or terminated.

But thanks for your reply and reference.

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wait for real? i must delete that

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It’s is of course wise to first think what you want to post for a reference, a picture of that F-16C might be good but I had in some websites terrible experience with people who don’t appreciate my explanation of my concept. Not that your post was bad, but keep in mind that some moderators will view as either inappropriate or unsuitable for views,ask perhaps anyone if you are unsure what I said if such pictures are allowed.

But thanks for listening and your help.

P.s the F-16 model I made with Studio is based of the F-16A Block 15 model.

Hopefully you have a great day.


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