Feedback on my fifth GFX

Hello everyone this is my fifth GFX

You are free to comment and criticize :+1:


tons of noise and no textures, but keep practicing (search up videos on compositing)

I dont really see any noise on the GFX, i also made the background step by step and color graded the image, i do not see the point of having textures on it.


As Xyic just said, there is a small bit of noise, even though from a far it isn’t very much noticeable. It just might be more useful for more professional GFXs to keep it as clean as you can get it. For me personally, the scene overall seems a bit bland, not just textures. You could maybe add a vase of roses on the tables and a boat along the river(?)

This could be really good with some added detail! Nice work so far!


if you dont want to take my advice, then don’t lol, you just wont improve. what can i say

Something I just noticed upon a second glance too, the streetlights look like they’re submerged in the water slightly, and they’re also not on. I’d recommend adding a glow effect to them, to make it look like they’re turned on.

The scenery is really nice. The only thing I would suggest is improving the lighting to make it more realistic and add detail to the furniture with textures to make it really pop.

It’s a here and there GFX, there are some issues I see with the overall background.

The render shows a small amount of details, however it looks a little bland looking for the scene doesn’t include other characters and overall details - placements on the table to give it more of a warm welcome feel if you know what I mean the lighting is a bit off if there is a pole lamp it should cast light on the tables - deck to intensify the realistic approach your going for.

If you place a few objects around the surrounding area it’ll give the render a more appealing look or more of a better render maybe throw a couple of characters sitting down in the chair talking and socializing, why not include cups, plates, table cloths, and people in the background talking and interacting with each other.

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