Feedback on my fighting game!

Hi, fellow developers!
I am currently developing a fighting game based off of Ghost of Tsushima and Mortal Kombat. It’s is getting further development, and I used some animations I found in the toolbox, but I will update it to be smoother and have custom animations.

If there is anything you think the game should improve on, please reply.

P.S. I did make the map, but the nature is from a nature pack because I don’t make 3d models.


I like the idea of this, I’d definitely play it with a bigger community!

One feature that’d be worth adding would be some good UIs to liven up the game and reduce screen space so it doesn’t look too bland. I consider GUIs a main feature of a good game, as most players will be attracted to the game based on how well everything is created regarding the text on the screen which may be used for items such as gamepasses, products, tutorials, etc.

This definitely needs some work animation-wise, and I’m excited to see what type of animations you’re going to use for a project such as this! The map is great; however, if this is a fighting game with a max player count of 50 then this game should definitely be expanded in the future.

I hope you take this feedback into consideration :+1: