Feedback on my First Blender Car!

I started modeling with blender a week ago and this is my best try at a Camaro 2016 :slight_smile: I will continue to use blender post my progress here.


It dosent look bad especially if you’ve been using blender for only a week! Tbh I think you’ll be amazing at blender in a month for this is pretty good!



It look awesome! Why not add more color and texture?

Have a good day.

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I’m not an expert at this yet im practicing shading though.

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Wow! This is really good! I totally knew it was a Camaro when I first saw it! Keep up the great work!

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For your first week in blender that is really good!

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LOL I didn’t even need to read, the pictures told me it was a Camaro, incredible job!
A bit of texture will help, but wow, and only after a week?!

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Yeah lol i’m making an Audi R8 for my second car work in progress :grinning:

That looks very good! I do think it would look better if you made it smoother, other than that. Its fine.

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